MCWF-Behavioral Problems

Behavioral Issues

Dealing with behavioral issues can be tough. You've tried everything with little change. Wherever you go, people offer advice - more discipline, less discipline, dietary changes, no video games. And yet...

And yet, simple answers may not suffice. You need an individualized approach that considers your beliefs, goals, and temperament as well as your children's needs, interests, and attitudes. We may decide to make minor adjustments to a technique or program you already use. Sometimes, though, a more radical approach is necessary. Let's sit down and talk about what's going on and come up with a plan designed to meet your goals. Then we will monitor your child's progress, make changes as we go, and continue moving forward to build a repertoire of positive behaviors.

Of course, this kind of change is hard, and it usually means parents have to change what they are doing. And as parents, we often carry the burden of guilt. We've made so many mistakes, done some hurtful things. However, if we believe there is no one answer, no "one size fit all" solution, then we have to acknowledge that mistakes are normal, and we're not perfect - and neither are our children. That's hard, too.

Let's talk. Together we can build a plan that works. And, if it doesn’t work, we will revise the plan and keep moving forward. That way you and your child can be and do your best.

Don't know where to start? Let's Talk!

The solution to any problem starts with identifying opportunities for growth and discovering the root of any issues. So that is where we will start. Then customize the smartest path forward.